Web Applications

Whether you are running an eBusiness requiring an interactive product catalogue, or leading a team who are deployed across the world, our web-based applications allow you to easily manage your organisation’s resources and activities.

Our custom built web application allow you to :

  • Work anywhere you have internet access
  • Work on any platform and device (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • Work without the worry of having to deploy and update software

Dead Simple Deployment

Web applications have many benefits over traditional desktop applications. The one that stands out the most for us is ease of deployment. Traditional applications need to be installed and configured on each desktop or device. When updates are released, these need to be rolled out to each devices as well.

Once a web application is installed on a server, it is automatically available to all target devices. Software updates only have to be done once and they are available on all devices.

Amazing Frameworks help us Build Amazing Apps

We use frameworks such as yii, Ruby on Rail, Bootstrap and jQuery to develop amazing apps in less time. Some of the benefits of using these frameworks include:

  • Lower Software Development Costs
  • Lower Software Maintenance Costs over Time
  • Improved Maintainability
  • Improved Security
  • Richer Application Experience
  • More Consistent Interface