Our Approach

We are not a faceless shopfront and we don’t live in a corporate stratosphere. We are real people who want you to feel comfortable with us. We are open and honest, and very keen to learn about the challenges you face.

We invite you into the process because we like working with people who are hands-on and determined to solve problems.

Our Process

We believe in, and practise Lean Process

  • We don't waste time with lengthy meetings. We get to work quickly with you close at hand.
  • We choose the best technologies for the task, based on our broad experience.
  • We create prototypes early on for you to test-drive. We watch and listen as you show us what's good and what's not, and discover together the requirements no one expected.
  • We work toward your deadline by delivering projects in many small pieces. This allows you to see our progress and to give your input.
  • We go with you where you want to go, even when your requirements abruptly change.

Our Experience

Daniel Garcia is a software engineer, who, for more than twenty years, has designed, developed, and implemented software for specialist applications, examples of which can be found in the financial, defence, and healthcare industries. In addition, he has worked for many years in project management, and in related IT positions.

Our Committment

We stand by the quality of the work we do and the way we carry it out, involving you every step of the way.

Innovation is what drives our business, and we thrive on creating amazing solutions that give you the freedom to focus on what’s important. If you need software that doesn’t fit neatly into one of the categories above, don’t be a stranger. We would love to hear from you buy valium online .